Enjoy your favourite videos and channels with out ADS and with Background Play in this YouTube app.

Vanced is a well known modded version of YouTube with many features such as adblocking and background playback, the total list can be discovered below:

All  Blocks  YouTube ADs (some options are togglable)
Background playback function
Force VP9(or HDR) or vice versa
Override Max Resolution
Pinch to Zoom on all gadgets
Casting togglable (can also be forced off)
Togglable Theme (White/Dark/Black)
PiP (Oreo Only)
Video window new or old school
Repeat video function
Preffered Resolution & Speed function

How to install ?
1. Download the APK
2. Install it as you could typically install another apk.
3. Enjoy

How to enable Black/Dark theme?
1.Click on your profile image on the top proper corner
2. Open Settings
3. Open Vanced Settings
4. Open Layout Settings
5. Dark watch & Dark theme Toggle

How to fix Login & Chromecast factor?
1. Download the modded microG
2. Install it as you could normally install any other apk.
3. Enjoy

Known Bugs:
Offline mode doesn’t paintings properly, app keep refreshing, to observe saved videos you must search for it.


YouTube 15.05.54 Final MOD arm-x86 APK

YouTube 15.05.54 Final MOD arm64 APK